Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions 2012

Last revised:           27-03-2012


The general terms and conditions determine the contractual relationship between Powerpoint Infographics (hereafter named “Provider”), Zoom 9, 3232 PN Brielle (Netherlands) and the customer.

Your use of our services, products, templates and shapes constitutes your agreement to abide by the laws of the Netherlands and of the state and country in which you reside, including, but not limited to, all intellectual property laws.


B.    Conditions and process

1. The customer is able to place their order via email or over the internet.

2. On www.powerpointinfographics.com, the Provider  offers PowerPoint templates, graphics, sample slides and infographics which can be purchased via a secure shopping cart and a valid credit card. The customer can download, save, edit and print out the purchased shapes, products and templates. Only these shapes services, products and templates that the customer has purchased via download are applicable to this contract.

3. All contracts that the customer concludes with Provider  over the internet or by any other means are subject to our terms and conditions. The customer explicitly accepts these terms and conditions when placing the order.


C.    Terms of a Contract

1. The contract between Provider and the customer becomes effective when the customer clicks on the button “Buy” within the purchase process. The confirmation email with the download link which is sent to the customer after the order has been completed.  The fulfilment process is terminated when the customer receives the download link for the purchased products.

2. All our products are only available via a download link. This link may expire after a certain period.  

3. For the termination of the contract it is irrelevant whether the purchased services, products and templates meet the individual requirements of the customer.

4. Provider reserves the right to reject a customer’s request for ordering services, products and templates without having to give any reason.


D.    Prices

1. The download of the services, products and templates is subject to charge as far it is not marked as being free of charge.
2. The prices that are displayed at the time of the order are those that are valid for the customer.
3. The prices are excluding all payable taxes. Tax rate of the Netherlands apply (19%).
4. The products are not available other than via downloadable links.


E.    Duties and obligations

The customer is solely responsible that all data that is provided for the fulfilment of this contract and for the use of the services and products is accurate and correct.

F.    Use

1. The services, products and templates that the customer has purchased can be copied, edited, saved and used by the customer for their commercial and industrial use.

2. The customer is prohibited from providing the purchased services, products and templates to third parties against payment or free of charge. Furthermore the customer is prohibited from transferring these usage rights to third parties.

3. You may use this PowerPoint template and background for your personal, educational and business presentations.

The customer is permitted to:
-Use the free templates for presentations and projects.
-Make a copy for backups on a harddrive or local network.
-Print handouts for use in a presentation.
-Link back to our website.
-Display screenshots of our templates on a website or blog.

The customer is not allowed to:
-Resell or distribute the templates or backgrounds.
-Make templates available on a website, portal or social network website for download.
(Incl. groups, file sharing networks, Slideshare etc.)
-Edit or modify the downloaded templates and claim /pass off as your own work.


G.    Warranty and Refunds

The customer is obliged to immediately inform Provider of any complaints in regards to the purchased services, products and templates and if possible within a period of 14 days via email or in written form after the customer has observed the deficiency.

Our aim is to provide high quality products. If you do have a claim we will adapt the faulty product for you and provide you with the update. If you still have reasonable complaint about the functionality of the product and we are unable to correct it, we will refund your money. 


H.    Liability

1. The customer has sole liability towards any third party.

2. The provided services, products and templates are available as a file size and type in form of a download as in their description. In the case that the customer for any reason is not able to access or open the download link in the email then the customer has no entitlement for the delivery by any other means or in a different file size or type.

3. The customer has the responsibility to ensure that the technical requirements are available to download the purchased services, products and templates and to open, edit and save the files that have been downloaded.

4. Provider provides the customer, without any legal obligation, with information notices and on the website. All advice that is provided is without any contractual obligation. Provider therefore excludes all liability for damage that the customer may suffer using this service except in cases where Provider has acted with gross negligence or intent.

5. Provider endeavours to provide its customers with services, products and templates that are complete, accurate and up-to-date but is not obliged to fulfil this. This particularly applies to geographical and political accuracy of the maps. The customer has no retroactive right to ask for new services, products and templates when they are no longer accurate or current.

6. The liability for deficiencies and warranty of Provider is in accordance with statutory rules in the case the customer has properly placed their notice. This does not affect the excluded liabilities laid out in these terms and conditions.

7. Provider excludes all liability for services, products and templates that are offered by third parties over www.powerpointinfographics.com.

8. Provider excludes any further liability for damages which have not been caused by the purchased services, products and templates as well as any claims for lost earnings or other financial loss by the customer.


I.    Data Protection 

1. All personal data which the customer provides to Provider is solely used in relation to the contractual relationship between the parties. Should Provider want to use the personal data of the customer for any other means which extend beyond this they will seek an additional consent of the customer.

2. All data that is kept on the customer meets all statutory requirements and data protection laws. Personal data of the customer may be passed onto third parties in the case that they are involved in processing the order or provided any other form of assistance to the customer (e.g. technical customer support help line).

3. We will only retain personal information as long as necessary for the fulfilment process.

4. By providing us with your e-mail address, you agree that we may send you servicerelated or other notices by e-mail.


J.    Payment Methods

Provider accepts Paypal, MasterCard, Visa and American Express. The payable sum will be taken after the ordered services, products and templates have been sent to the customer. The credit card details are only kept until the order has been concluded.

For security issues to protect the personal data provided by the customer Provider uses the encryption and security software SSL (Secure Socket Layer). With this procedure the customer data such as the name, address and credit card number are encrypted and securely transferred over the internet.


K.    Alteration terms and conditions, services and prices

1. Provider reserves the right to make alterations to the terms and conditions and special agreements reached between the parties.

2. Provider reserve the right to alter and change the prices of the services, products and templates and specifications of products and services at any given time.


L.   Retention of title

The services, products and templates that have been provided remain the property of Provider until full payment has been made.


M.    Miscellaneous

1. The customer can only transfer the rights and obligations of this contract to a third party with the prior written consent of Powerpoint Infographics.

2. The applicable laws are the national laws of the Nertherlands, barring the application of the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG). The CISG is also excluded where the order has been placed from overseas or the services, products and templates have been delivered outside The Netherlands.

3. Provider does not recognize any amendatory or supplementary general terms and conditions of the customer.

4. The place of jurisdiction for the contracting parties is Brielle.

5. Provider reserves the right to file claims against the customer at any other court of their choice.


N. Protection- and Copyright

1. www.powerpointinfographics is a registered trade mark and all contents on the webpage are protected by copyright. All texts, pictures, flags, slides, graphics, maps, layouts, objects, animations and all offered services, products and templates are under the protection of copyright and other protective law decrees. Provider retains all copyrights of services and products as far as they have been produced by Powerpoint Infographics.

2. It is not allowed to copy, process, change or make the content accessible for a third party for commercial reasons. Any other usage is strictly prohibited and requires a written consent by Powerpoint Infographics.

3. Should Provider create and deliver any products, presentations, templates and services in a specified way by the customer (drafts, guidelines, samples or other information ) it is the customers responsibility that this project is not violating any copyrights, patents, utility models or other protection law decrees against a third party. The customer is obligated to abandon Provider from any claim that could resolve out of such violations.

All copyrights and rights of the intellectual property are reserved without restrictions by Provider. With the download of these templates you agree with the terms and conditions.


O. File Usage

All employees of a company are able to use the templates unlimited. The customer has to assure that the original file will not be passed on to a third party(people outside the company) except the file is copy protected (pdf, jpg) or in print.