We are creating a new service: what do you think?

In the past months, we have been working hard on developing  a new concept. As we get a lot of requests for access to our online portfolio, we took this idea and started to work out a plan...

And as we are progressing with our concept, we would like to know what you guys think. So let us describe what we are working on and you provide us feedback so we can make it even better!

In short, we are building a PowerPoint add in that contains hundreds of designer shapes and slides that you can easily insert in your presentation and modify. But this "custom" library can do more...To make a long story short, here is the roundup:
- Addin with > 400 shapes and slides created by designers.
- Store your own shapes and slides in your own custom library
- Create/ change/ delete categories
- Search functionality to easily find your desired shape/slide
- Import/ Export your library to share with others

As we understand that you guys want the latest and best quality in presentation design, we are creating new portfolio`s that can be individually purchased and imported into your own library.

With this Add In, you will not only save enormous amounts of time, but your presentations will look professional and make you the center stage of attention.

So our questions are:

Jeroen Breugelmans
Jeroen Breugelmans



Jeroen Breugelmans
Jeroen Breugelmans

September 28, 2013

Hi Brady,

sorry to get back to you so late.
Our planning is to have a Beta release in december, where we will contact everybody that has been in touch with us in the past 2 years. We will provide a fully functional free version for you guys to test. Our current 0.9 version only needs some minor updates before we can release it to you.

We are also working hard on the new site that goes along with our new product so please follow this site closely.


Jeroen Breugelmans


September 08, 2013

I think this is a great idea, I’ve been infusing my ppts and other work with the infographic layout and shape style. I’d much rather be able to access a library of custom shapes directly from the shapes library, rather than storing them on an ever growing presentation library.

Is there any news or further developments on this?

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