iPhone5 Contest

We have seen some amazing stuff you can accomplish in PowerPoint. But never have we seen products being visualized by using only standard shapes from the PowerPoint library.

So here is the challenge:
Which one of these images is the
- Original Photo
- Designer Image
- iPhone created solely from PowerPoint standard shapes.

Enter your e-mail and our grand prize is for you: a free copy of the iPhone slide + any product from our portfolio for free.

Our contest lasts until January 15th 2013.
Good luck!

Jeroen Breugelmans
Jeroen Breugelmans




March 26, 2013

1 is created sololey by power point.
2 is original
3 is designer image


March 03, 2013

First is made with shapes, second is designer image, and the third one is the original. Too bad I missed the contest :/

alexander van Hooven
alexander van Hooven

December 30, 2012

This is really hard! I can`t tell the difference between these images…:-)
But really nicely done if one is created in powerpoint….
Just entered my “guess” and hopefully I win.


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