Create a "take a look inside" image...

Curious about how you can create a widescreen image like on our Home page?

Follow these next steps and you will have your own “Take a look inside” image for your own website or presentation.

1. Slide measurements
The first step is to give your slide the correct measurements. Select the Page Setup  option from the Design ribbon:

Select the Custom size and enter a 34 cm width and 13 cm Height for your slide. Make sure that the Orientation is Landscape.

2. Select Image
The second step is to insert your image. Make sure that the image quality is high enough for the scale of the slide to avoid pixilation. In our example, we take a picture from the standard picture library:

As you can see, the image does not fit very well, but we will fix that straight away.

3. Align image
Drag the image borders outwards so your image is as wide as your slide. Use the Align menu to align your image in the middle:

The area where your image overlaps with your slide, is the area what will be displayed. You can move the image around to get the correct section of your image displayed.

4. Create 3 panels
Now we need to create 3 panels from this image. We will use the Crop tool to do this, but before you do, make sure that you make a copy of your slide, so you can copy your image easily. You can do this by duplicating your slide in the side bar menu.
Select the image and go to the crop tool in the Format ribbon.

Drag the right hand selection bar from to the left. Make a rough 1/3 image like this:

The second panel can now be created. Copy the original image from your first slide and create a middle section by dragging the outer edges inwards. You can see where you should stop because the image a semi-transparent and you can see the borders of the left hand panel. Your result should look like:

Now create the final 3rd panel. Copy the original image from the first slide again and create the right panel. Make sure the border of each panel intersect with the previous:

Although the end result looks like one picture, you actually have created a 3 panel picture that is exactly aligned. You can now change the height using the crop menu again to make the 3 images exactly the same size as your slide.  The result should look like this:

5. Add Blurr effect
Select the left and right hand panel and apply the Blur effect from the Format menu:

We are almost there, but we need to have create a more “glass door” like shape in order to make the image real enough.

6. Create Glass doors
Insert a rectangle shape from the Shapes menu and use the following fill settings:

Don’t worry, at the end of this tutorial, we have the sample workbook ready for download so we don`t have to specify all the color transparency settings. The idea is that we create a semi transparent glass door over the already blurred image. The borders of the rectangle are also filled with a Gradient level so you can see the edges of the door panel really good.

You end up with something like this:

You can now add text to both doors to create a true in-depth perspective. For the right panel, the text settings are:

Do the same for the left panel and your are done!.

you can even add animations to the doors and text so it looks like they open up when you present your slide. Anyway, we hope you can use this technique in your presentations and have lots of fun with it. You can download the example workbook here.

Good luck!

Jeroen Breugelmans
Jeroen Breugelmans


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Jake Silvers
Jake Silvers

December 30, 2012

Can you do this with photo`s as well? I am trying to promote my portfolio as a stock photographer.

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