How to create a Waterfall chart in Powerpoint

Waterfall charts are not standard in the Office library, but they are often used and can be created fairly easy.
This tutorial demonstrates how to create a waterfall chart, completely done in Powerpoint.

Step 1. Insert a Stacked bar chart

Step 2. Edit the excel data
Right click on the chart and select Edit data. Enter the following series and values:

Your chart should look something like this:

Step 3. Change the chart series

  • Change the Chart Type of the connector series to line chart with markers

  • Select the Base Series and choose No Fill from the format menu

Your chart look like this:

Now edit the look and feel any way you like.

You are all done!
To save you from doing all the work, download the presentation for free.

Jeroen Breugelmans
Jeroen Breugelmans


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August 26, 2013

fantastic. Saved my day today. thanks

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