October 11, 2013


Sign up for our Beta Release!

In the past months, we have been building a new powerpoint add in that is going to make your life so much easier...

This add in sits nicely on the right hand side of your screen and allows you to create a database of all your favourite slides and shapes. You can categorize, add, rename, manage and search everyting in your private library.

Now is the time to release it to you guys and girls, so we invite you to sign up for the offical Beta release!

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We are creating a new service: what do you think?

In the past months, we have been working hard on developing  a new concept. As we get a lot of requests for access to our online portfolio, we took this idea and started to work out a plan...

And as we are progressing with our concept, we would like to know what you guys think. So let us describe what we are working on and you provide us feedback so we can make it even better!

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February 01, 2013


Selection Pane ›

Tip Of The Week - The Selection and Visibility pane

When you have a lot of shapes, text and objects on your slide, it can be quite difficult to distinguish them from another. Particularly, when the overlap (bring to front or bring to back), it is very hard to select the shape that is not directly visible. Normally, you would move the overlapping shapes so you can select the other, but then you would have to move everything back in place once you are done.

This also goes for adding animations to your shapes and objects. Powerpoint gives each shape a name, but it is not very user friendly. You get names such as “Circle1” and “rectangle3”.

By using the Selection and Visibility pane, you can add your own description to your shapes and objects, and they are used throughout all powerpoint functionalities.

In order to display the pane, select any shape and go to Format > Selection Pane.

On the right hand side, you see all the shapes and objects from your slide. Double click on the name and change it to a more “friendly” name.

Now this name will be displayed in all other powerpoint menu`s and commands.
For example, if you go to the Animations tab and add an animation to a shape, powerpoint will display that friendly name instead of the old one.

United States 2012 Election

When we created the New York Tax Burden presentation, where we make use of so called Actions, we already knew we could demonstrate more possibilities with this technique.

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The iPhone5 Contest Winner!

When we wrote out our first prize contest ever, we did not expect to get such amazing results. So many people have entered our contest, that we needed to draw names before we could anounce a winner...
A lot of entries were not correct and only a handfull of people had every answer right. So how could we decide who is the winner?

Simple: everyone that had all the answers correct will be given our grandprize: the iPhone shape and a free selection from our webshop!

The winners will receive an email within a day to collect their prize.

But what was the correct answer?

To keep you no longer waiting, here is the answer:

So how could you have spotted the difference? Well, actually that is quitte hard. Sometimes we had to look twice before we saw the differences!
But here are some pointers:
- The first two images both have the microphone circle above the horizontal speaker. The industrial design took the liberty to place it on the left.
- The industrial design is slightly wider than both other images. The width of the iPhone5 is thin and sleak.
-  The reflection of the Home button at the bottom was very difficult to create. The original image had a reflection at the bottom and was curved. Our image almost replicated that, but you can see a semi circle at the top which we could not get rid off. The industrial image reflected to the left which is strange.
- The power and volume buttons on the left side are as small as we could get them in powerpoint but as you look very closely (take a magnifying glass for this one) the buttons in image 2 and 3 are better and more designed.
- The background image on the original image is new. The powerpoint shape and industrial design image both have the old "standard" background image.

Other than these difficult clues, you probably could not find anything else...
To prove that the first image is actually created from the standard  office shapes library only, here is the exploded view where you can see the iPhone building blocks:

And for those that think this is just a image from the web, here is the screenshot in powerpoint:

The winners also get the exploded view for free:-)

Please tell all your friends about this competetion or share it via facebook.

**Thank you all for entering our competition!**

Geo Map With Dynamic Color Coding

 When you have a geo map, for example like the one of the United States, you spend a lot of time color coding your map manually. Especially when the geo map has a lot of individual shapes, updating the colors can be very time consuming. 

In this tutorial, we explain in five steps how you can setup a fully automatic update process for geo maps. So let`s get started!!

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iPhone5 Contest

Which one of these images is the
- Original Photo
- Designer Image
- iPhone created solely from PowerPoint standard shapes.

Enter your e-mail and our grand prize is for you: a free copy of the iPhone slide + any product from our portfolio for free.

Our contest lasts until January 15th 2013.
Good luck!

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